Email Marketing

Crunchleads email marketing services are affordable and offers a variety of services to help you target specific demographics and
bypass spam filters, which can improve the effectiveness of your emails. We can take care of all initial legwork while you can save great time and money with our customisable email campaigns.

Our email marketing experts will manage your email campaign deployment with utmost care including list management,
segmentation, A/B testing and post-delivery report analysis.

Benefits of using Crunchleads for email campaigns

=> A/B Testing

We compare 2 subject lines and email content to track higher open rates, clicks and ROI.

We also help you find out the best time to send emails and when your subscribers are most likely to open your email campaigns.

=> Real-time reports

At Crunchleads, We use Zoho Campaigns to send emails to large contacts database. This will include,

1. Domain Name Integration – Email sent from your own domain

2. Email Replies

3. Email Followups

4. Campaign Statistics

5. Clear Insights of WHO, WHERE, WHAT of your email campaigns

=> Customisation

Our experts can write code to design custom email templates for your email marketing campaigns. We help you build responsive & cutting-edge interactive emails with any kind of animation that will suit the email.

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